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Cardiovascular disease in the UAE

Cardiovascular Disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide, resulting in more than 17.9 million mortalities in 2015. More than 3 million of such deaths occurred in people under the age of 60, which could have been largely prevented.

Nearly 4 in 10 deaths in the UAE were caused by Cardiovascular Disease

According the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular disease was the cause of 38% of deaths in the UAE.

Cardiovascular disease hits at a younger age in the region

People in the Gulf are 10 years younger when they suffer their first cardiac episode.

The burden is high, but the local authorities are taking action

The UAE government has set a number of challenging targets through its Vision 2021 strategy. Of particular relevance is the aim to cut down the number of cardiovascular disease related deaths by almost half.

Risk factors of Cardiovascular Disease

Primary prevention of cardiovascular disease risk factors is key to reducing this epidemic. This entails early detection, lifestyle change, and achieving optimal control of the risk factors. A study suggests that screening is beneficial in all adults in the UAE.


The key to preventing Cardiovascular Disease is through a healthy lifestyle.
Some of the risk factors are modifiable. However, a lot of these modifiable risk
factors are not visible. Eating heart-healthy foods, exercising a few times a week,
staying away from cigarettes, maintaining a healthy weight and regularly


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