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Diets to prevent Heart Disease

The rapid socioeconomic growth in the Gulf countries came with changes in lifestyle. New bad habits were introduced, such as an increased consumption of unhealthy foods and the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the rates of cardiovascular disease and associated risk factors among the Gulf population have also increased; the rates sometimes exceed those of developed countries.

One of the earliest clues that heart disease is influenced by nutrition was an observation that was made by a scientist in 1908. The scientist noticed that high intake of cholesterol promoted atherosclerosis (leading cause of cardiovascular disease) in rabbits!

Diets to prevent cardiovascular disease have been advised for more than 50 years

Nutritional interventions have proven that a whole diet approach with equal attention to what is consumed and what is excluded is highly effective in preventing Cardiovascular Disease.

Eat like a Mediterranean!

The Mediterranean-style diet has proven to reduce cardiovascular events.
A whole diet approach, low in animal products, and saturated fat, with an emphasis on the use of olive oil. It is rich in legumes, fruit, vegetables, and fish. Constituents of the Mediterranean diet should be consumed in moderation to ensure a balanced diet and avoid caloric excess.

This is arguably the best-studied and most evidence-based diet, it was shown to favorably affect numerous cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as dyslipidemia, hypertension, and diabetes.



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