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What’s in your lunch?

After a long grueling day at the office, and that 2-hour drive home crawling through rush hour traffic, we’ll understand if you’re not super excited about walking into a cold and empty kitchen to cook some super healthy quinoa and braised chicken and asparagus bake from scratch. But really, is picking up a burger, fries and large soda from the drive-thru at the petrol station the best decision to make?

The WHO states that consuming more than 2 grams of sodium a day – less than what a single spoon of table salt contains – contributes to heart disease and hypertension. 

Studies show that processed and restaurant food contributes to around ¾ of our salt consumption, so it’s not just the salt we add to our food when cooking. 

A medium order of fries from any given brand can contain between 231mg and 453mg of sodium per 100gm, and even that not-so-healthy Caesar salad dressing can contain up to 1,433 mg per 100g. So taking the easy way out is not only adding inches to your waistline but also boosting your risk for heart disease and stroke through the roof. But while avoiding sodium completely can be difficult, that doesn’t mean we can’t be smart about the way we eat. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or expensive. For the busy individual, meal prepping over the weekend is your best friend. Even if you absolutely must get it ready-made, many restaurants and supermarkets now have healthy options ready to eat. 

And really, if you put your mind to it, putting a healthy home-made or ready-made meal together after that long drive home wouldn’t be such a daunting task after all. 



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