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Keep on Beating

Keep on Beating is a campaign brought to you by Upjohn Middle East FZ LLC in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Health. It has two simple goals:

1.To raise awareness among residents on cardiovascular disease and its risk factors
2.To help people recognize when they might be at risk of suffering the potentially devastating consequences of unrecognized, untreated cardiovascular disease

Nearly nine in ten of us are at some risk, and so we believe that the more of us who join the fight against cardiovascular disease, the more effective we will be in reducing its impact on ourselves, families and friends.

Know the facts. Get involved. Together, we can help our hearts to Keep on Beating.

Goals of the Campaign

Raise awareness on the significance of the risk of cardiovascular disease in the UAE
Drive people to assess the level of their cardiovascular risk
Drive people to get checked
Help patients to optimally control their risk factors
Support reducing mortality caused by cardiovascular disease
Help achieve UAE’s Vision 2021 cardiovascular disease-related mortality reduction target
Keep On Beating